What Are Topic Clusters? Powerful SEO Weapon

Search engine optimisation can be a complicated discipline with fierce competition, making it difficult to fully master all of the concepts. In this article, we will go over SEO Topic Clusters, which are an absolutely necessary way to organise your work with search engine optimisation – and hopefully, it will help make building a good SEO foundation more manageable.

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What Are SEO Topic Clusters?

In short, it is a collection of topics related to what you do search engine optimisation for, as the name implies. The goal of SEO is to appear organically on selected keywords and gain more domain authority, which is where one or more SEO Topic clusters come into play.

If you own a furniture company, it would be a good idea to create an SEO topic cluster centred on the term “furniture.” A cluster is made up of three components: pillar pages, supporting pages, and internal links. Here are the three building blocks:

  • Pillar page: The importance of your pillar page cannot be overstated. Using a furniture store as an example, your pillar page should focus on the keyword furniture – in a broad sense. Perhaps you now believe it is too broad, and what about the location of the business, the type of furniture, and so on? But before we get there, it is critical that one’s pillar page in an SEO topic cluster be relevant to one’s business.
  • Supporting page: The support pages are the ones that give your SEO topic clusters authority. This is where you write “cluster content” related to your Pillar page. In the case of the furniture store example, you could create support pages about the store’s location, specific furniture in the store, and interior design tips. Remember that the support pages must be related to the keyword in one’s pillar page and foundation, and that they must be of good and high quality. But how do they become linked? We’ll get to that later.
  • Internal links: Also known as backlinks. You must include an internal link to your pillar page on each of your support pages. As a result, you keep telling Google that your pillar page is extremely important for the topic you’re writing about, and thus creating authority.

When creating comprehensive SEO Topic Clusters, the goal is to achieve – Topical authority or ‘subject authority’ within each topic. The quality must be high, and if it is, there is a better chance of obtaining both more topical authority and domain authority.


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Why Are SEO Topic Clusters Important?

As we mentioned earlier, search engine optimisation can be a difficult, complicated, and time-consuming discipline to learn.

However, it is critical for a good and long-term SEO strategy. Building SEO topic clusters allows you to:

1) Achieve topic authority
2) Increase domain authority

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