The Leading Facebook Ads Agency in Bangkok, Thailand

Brands that trust us.

We are selected by Facebook.

We’re a Premium Facebook Marketing Partner which is the highest status for a digital agency.

We manage over THB 10 million in Facebook ad spend per month. Our Facebook specialists are ready to help you succeed with Facebook advertising.

Meta Business Partner


Expertise & Insights.

We have Facebook specialists who have a lot of Facebook Ads success under their belt. With Facebook advertising, you pay a CPM price. If you hire an employee with limited experience & knowledge, you take a huge risk which can result in budgets wasted on Facebook.

Our Facebook team has the experience and know exactly how to run successful campaigns that drive profitable revenue.


Performance & scaling is key of every campaign. We are experts in scaling Ad Accounts and improve ROI for all our clients. We know how to avoid ad fatigue, increase ad limit and scale bids manually to ensure the best ROAS.

Full-service Facebook Ads Agency.

We have everything you might ever need to run best-in-class Facebook Ads that are profitable. Our services include strategy, copywriting, graphic design, video production, photography, social media management and more.

Jeeradate in office

We Are More Than Just A Facebook Agency.

Ad Account Administration.

To consistently achieve profitable results on Facebook takes time and skills. We offer a dedicated specialist who manages your advertising account to run at highest performance. You can therefore focus on other marketing activities, and together we identify opportunities and grow your business through Facebook advertising.

Content Creation.

We produce picture & video ads that improve conversion rates & lower cost per acquisition. We have built our own in-house production team, who can help you craft scroll stopping high-quality video campaigns that will set you apart & drive more sales.


Does your company have problems meeting desired goals with Facebook Ads? – this may be due to lack of experience or skills. At IBEX, we offer tailor-made workshops with both hands-on and strategy, focusing on you and the challenges you might have.

1:1 Consultation.

It can be difficult to keep up with trends on all platforms – which is why many companies choose to have a permanent specialist who advises you and reviews your setup & contributes hands-on. We offer direct access to a Facebook specialist from IBEX, without having to hire a full-service Facebook agency package.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Services.

We combine strategy, creative, media and data to scale Facebook ads. We create, launch and optimise your campaigns.

We partner with growth-focused brands.

We are a digital marketing company that focuses on your business goals. Whether it’s improving your online presence, increasing website traffic, or generating more sales and leads, at IBEX we have the expertise to exceed your goals.

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increase in revenue. That is how much new clients grow on average within 90 days using the same advertising budget.

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is the media spend we have invested for clients.

Case studies.

Talk to a Facebook Specialist.

Increase Sales With Facebook Ads.

Brands that have achieved profitable growth.

Faith Leah Lim
Faith Leah Lim

Prompt, reliable, and delivers results. The IBEX team are trustworthy partners for businesses seeking reliable, results-driven solutions.

Faith Leah Lim
Marketing and Communications Manager
Faith Leah Lim
Varanuj Hansuebsai
Varanuj Hansuebsai

After partnering with IBEX, our conversions have exploded. Mr. Nikolai and the team are supportive and professional. 

Varanuj Hansuebsai
Digital Fundraising Specialist
Varanuj Hansuebsai
Korakoch Pornthanachai
Korakoch Pornthanachai

Great online marketing results. They have helped us with Social Media marketing, Google Ads and SEO for many years. The team is really helpful.

Korakoch Pornthanachai
Marketing Manager
Korakoch Pornthanachai
Camilla Davis
Camilla Davis

Since 2019 IBEX has created great video content for multiple projects, from restaurants, to events. Most importantly they have taught us valuable insights about how we make the most from our digital marketing investments.

Camilla Davis
Cluster Director of Public Relations
Camilla Davis
Rachan Samee
Rachan Samee

I've worked with IBEX on many projects. Always met and exceeded our expectations. Great team and customer-centric advertising agency.

Rachan Samee
Corporate Food and Beverage Manager
Rachan Samee


A Facebook advertising agency is a digital agency with experienced Facebook advertisers who can help your business grow by generating more sales using Facebook Ads. Our team have managed over ฿2 billion in Facebook ad spend.

We are experienced in developing advanced campaign tactics that include A/B split testing on Ad Account structure, campaign objective, audiences and creative formats. We help you create ads that are result-driven and maintain a positive ROI to your business. We continuously test & learn in order to achieve highest performance. Our team ensure your Facebook is always using latest & most advanced measurements to track the exact number of leads and sales generated in a specific period of time. We know which metrics to focus on, the tools to implement to run profitable Facebook Ads.

Facebook is the world’s largest social platform with over 2.6 billion monthly active users. With 48 over million Facebook users in Thailand, most of your customers are reachable with Facebook Ads. The platform continues to dominate Social competitors such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand and business online. Your business can gain competitive advantage and become an industry leader if a successful Facebook ad strategy is implemented as your digital marketing. It is fundamental to the success of business who wish to grow rapidly, whether it’s B2B, e-commerce and B2C.

Facebook ad costs varies widely. The good think about Facebook marketing is that you are in control of the budget you set. It is one of the most cost-effective & precise marketing platforms to reach your potential customers. Some companies spend 100s thousands of baht per day to accelerate purchases, and other spend THB 50 per day to reach their target audience with a brand message. There are many options for all levels of Facebook advertising investments. It really depends on what you are looking to use Facebook Ads for. Average advertising cost depend on the bidding model. A study from AdEspresso which assessed almost $300 million of Facebook ad spend, resulted in $7.19 for 1000 impressions (CPM) of your ad, $0.97 cost per click (CPC) or $5.47 cost per download (CPA). Your business may see different costs due to factors such as ad placement, industry, target market and more.

We recommend a minimum of THB 10,000 per month in ad spend if you want sales. But to get brand awareness and leads, a lower budget can also achieve good results with Facebook Ads.

Our minimum budget for a Facebook Ad service such as consultancy is THB 15,000/month.


Prompt, reliable, and delivers results. The IBEX team are trustworthy partners for businesses seeking reliable, results-driven solutions.
Faith Leah Lim
Faith Leah Lim

Marketing & Communications Manager

27 Google ratings
5 Facebook ratings
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