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What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work?

What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work?

Google advertising has become an important tool for improving a company’s online presence in recent years. With targeted advertising, you can take first place on Google in Thailand.

We will walk you through the concept of ‘Google Advertising’ and Google Ads in the following sections. What this entails, why it is important, and how your company can benefit from it.

What Is Google Advertising?

You’ve probably been in a situation where you lack knowledge about something specific and have to rely on Google to find answers.

Paid advertisements will appear first on Google. As a result, many people will unconsciously click on these ads – which is why Google advertising is important to include in its online marketing.

As a result, if you want to make a profit online with your business and rank among the top results on Google, you must advertise on Google.

Because of the growing trend of digitalisation and the increasing number of searches on the Internet every day, Google advertising allows you to increase the amount of relevant traffic to your website by only paying for each visitor you receive.

This is clearly an advantage over traditional advertising in newspapers or on television, where you pay a high fee regardless of how many customers you bring in through the ad.

How Do Google Ads Work?

There are several ways to rank high on Google’s search engine, one of which is Google Ads – also known as Google Advertising. Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords until 2018) is a digital marketing and advertising platform. Create Google Shopping campaigns with your campaigns using the form below. It can be on search engines as well as other digital platforms via Google Display advertising. Your paid ads will appear as banners or something similar here.

When you use a search engine to find a product, you will often be shown more results for websites that all deal with or sell the product you are looking for. As previously stated, the top Google results in Thailand will be marked with ‘advertisement,’ indicating that the company has paid for this space.

Ad space can also appear on the right side of the screen or at the bottom of the page, in addition to the space at the top of the page.

All of these Google positions in Thailand are rated as the best in terms of capturing users’ attention. As a result, it is a placement that many businesses are willing to pay for.

You do not pay for the impression of your ad with Google advertising; instead, the price is determined by the number of clicks your page generates (also known as ‘pay per click’). As a result, the cost of Google advertising varies greatly.

How Much Does Google Advertising Cost In Thailand?

The price of Google advertising is determined in the same way as an auction. Google looks at how much each company is willing to per click for Google advertising on a specific keyword.

However, price is not the only deciding factor in ranking at the top with Google advertising.

Google’s goal is to help people with a good experience and what they are looking for. We must remember that there are many other search engines besides Google, so its goal in remaining number one in Thailand among search engines is to provide the best possible user experience.

As a result, in addition to price, Google advertising is calculated on the basis of the relevance of your website.

The more relevant your website is, the more advantageous you will be in the auction. Your website should contain relevant content, be easy to read and navigate, and be the best match for the keyword.

If it meets these criteria, you won’t have to outbid your competitors for ad space.

So, the more relevant your website is, the less you will need to bid per click in order to be chosen over those who bid more.

Below is the calculation used to determine the placement of Google advertising:


How To Create A Google Ads Budget

With Google Ads, you can quickly gain control of your online advertising costs. You establish a monthly budget limit so that you never pay more than your monthly maximum. At the same time, it is not contractual, which means you can discontinue using Google Ads at any time.

You can quickly get an overview of ad pricing with Google Ads. You begin by establishing a budget for your advertisements that does not exceed your monthly limit. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can then adjust the budget for your ads. You can always pause your ads if necessary. This may apply to both summer and winter ads, so you can choose when you want certain ads to appear on Google. As a result, you have complete control over your advertisements.

A third thing to know about Google Ads is that you only have to pay when your ad is clicked and leads to your company’s website. It is also free to set up an account, and you will be able to get a constant overview and insight into the effectiveness and costs of your advertisements.

As a result, you only pay for outcomes. You can view an estimated result based on your advertising budget before creating your campaign by creating a budget for your Google ads. You will see how many clicks you can expect based on how much money you put into your advertisements.

You can thus use Google advertising regardless of the size of your marketing budget. Your Google advertising expenditure consists solely of the amount you wish to spend, as well as the resources and time you choose to devote to it.

What Is Google Display Advertising?

Google display advertising has been mentioned several times above. But what exactly does that mean? When it comes to Google display advertising, the emphasis is on ads and banners that appear not only on Google but also on other relevant digital sites and media in Thailand, which is a form of Google Shopping.

They can be found on various websites on the side, the top, and the bottom. Furthermore, these advertisements can be found on websites such as YouTube, blogs, online newspapers, and many others. It costs money to expose potential customers in your target market to your content. It falls under push marketing because Google ads (old Adwords) like this one are paid advertisements.

These ads make use of the Google Display Network (GDN), which allows you to reach approximately 90% of online users across websites and apps. The display network distributes your content to even more channels and digital platforms than regular Google advertising, which is similar to banners on Google’s own search engine.

This Google Display Network contains over 2 million websites and 650,000 Apps, so your customers should be able to find your brand. It can, however, be an expensive affair.

The difference is that you can reach potential customers who have not yet “requested” your product or service with Google Display Advertising. You purchase the user’s access. The cost of Google display advertising can range between ฿25 and ฿100.

Why Is Google Advertising Important?

To understand why Google advertising is important in Thailand, consider that the majority of the Thai population uses Google’s search engine on a daily basis and will typically select one of the first options presented to them. It is uncommon for a user to scroll down and click on page 2 or 3.

Why? Because we have grown accustomed to search engines doing all of the work for us and instantly displaying what we are looking for in our shopping, information search, and other activities.

This also applies to prospective customers. It would be a shame if you and your company were not exposed to this specific group of potential buyers. The need is already there, so it’s just a matter of being the first to attract potential customers’ attention – whether it’s on Google or on YouTube with display advertising, Google Ads, or both (formerly Adwords).

Google advertising provides a significant competitive advantage. Users will notice your site first if it is ahead of the competition. As a result, if no one can find your website, you may miss out on potential increased revenue.

Your competitors are almost certainly using Google ads and display advertising. If you do not get started, you risk losing a significant portion of your market share and potential revenue every day – there is a cost to avoiding Google advertising.

How Does Tracking Work With Google Ads?

Tracking is a feature of Google Analytics that provides insight into the various aspects of your online channels. We’ve created a free guide to help you get a better overview of your tracking so you can get the most out of it.

You can, for example, track:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Your website
  • Customer demographics

With the help of tracking, you can analyse the data generated so that you can better and more efficiently allocate your marketing budget.

Tracking your website provides you with information about your visitors’ behaviour, demographics, and geography. This is a great tool for determining who your target audience is and directing your communication accordingly.

The more integrated your tracking is across platforms, the more insight you will gain into all aspects of your digital performance.

How Do I Get Started With Google Ads In Thailand?

To begin advertising on Google, all that is required is time and money.

If you don’t have the time or want some specialists to look at it, you can contact us at IBEX Media Group, who are Google Ads (AdWords) and Google Shopping experts. We have assisted many Thai businesses with their online presence over the years and would be delighted to assist you.

You are welcome to contact our Google Ads Agency here so that we can assist you and your Thai company in ranking high on Google through advertising. There are also several good guides and instructions on how to get started on your website.

Other Types Of Paid Advertising

If you don’t want to use Google advertising but are interested in advertising tools, there are other types of paid advertising.

In addition to Google advertising, you can use Google Shopping to rank high in Google search results for purchase-related keywords. Potential customers who search for a specific product on Google Shopping will see product images and prices before they even click on the ad. Customers can easily get a quick overview of the products they’re looking for and compare prices with competitors this way. As a result, this is an extremely effective way to get customers to visit your website first.

Another option for advertising is to display your ads as videos on YouTube. Your ads will be shown to potential customers either before or during the video. This type of advertising is very effective because the viewer often has to watch the ad for a few seconds before they can click on it.

Many platforms and apps offer advertising access, and one of the largest is Facebook (Meta), which generates the majority of its revenue solely from the sale of ads on its platforms – primarily Instagram and Facebook. You can use Facebook Business Manager to manage your ads on both Instagram and Facebook.

If you need to cut back on your advertising budget, start by focusing solely on the media that you believe your target audience is most interested in. Unlike Google Ads (AdWords), this paid content appears in the user’s feed and in stories on a continuous basis, and the more a user uses their device, the more they are exposed to the paid content.

You can also advertise via email marketing or on other platforms such as Pinterest, blogs, and YouTube. It only takes a few minutes to get started with your Google advertising, Display advertising, and Social Media advertising – it produces results.

If you don’t have the guts to dive into all of the paid push marketing opportunities, you can still get organic growth by optimising your website for SEO and thus increasing visibility and potential conversions.

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