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What Is Tracking? Gain Control Of Data Collection With Tracking

What Is Tracking? Gain Control Of Data Collection With Tracking

Data visualisation in live dashboards allows for constant monitoring of daily performance as well as overall development.

Are You Properly Tracking & Data Collecting?

It is possible to gather useful insights on the target audience throughout the user journey by properly implementing tracking. The collected data can then be used to improve the conversion flow, media purchasing, and overall online presence across all touchpoints. To get the most nuanced picture of the collected data, tracking must be enabled on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

  • Website visitor statistics
  • Google Ads Developments
  • Facebook Ads performance
  • SEO Development
  • Valuable demographic insights

3 Benefits Of Tracking

1) Optimise media purchasing

It is possible to optimise online advertising through detailed tracking, both on Google and on social media.

2) Understand your target audience

Website tracking, conversions, and user flow will help you determine which aspects of your business need to be optimised in order to increase overall earnings.

3) Increase the lifetime value

Retargeting the target group should be an important part of the online presence because it can reactivate previous customers and increase the lifetime value of existing ones.

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The Tracking Checklist:

Facebook Pixel

It’s always a good idea to set up Facebook tracking as soon as possible, as this gives you the best chances of later being able to set up dynamic retargeting flows. The data collected by the Facebook pixel is sent to Facebook and thus linked to the Facebook profiles of the target group. This enables you to advertise on Facebook to people who have previously visited your website, purchased a product, or simply added something to their shopping cart. Aside from general targeting, it is also possible to segment by age, gender, geography, and so on. Furthermore, we recommend that, in addition to the standard Facebook pixel, API tracking be used to optimise data collection.

Google Analytics

Set up Google Analytics tracking to learn more about your website visitors. In your webshop, you can see everything from the number of sessions to the average conversion value. You can track not only your ecommerce purchases, but also custom goals like completed contact forms, visit duration, and much more. If you want to visualise your data in greater detail, you can use Google Datastudio, which allows you to create live dashboards.



Set up LinkedIn’s Insight Tag, which allows you to track users’ journeys to your website, to get the most out of your advertising on this platform.


Before you begin your upcoming tracking adventure, we recommend that you install two important chrome extensions. The first “Tag Assistant” that allows you to see which Google scripts are installed on your or another website. The other important tag is “Facebook Pixel Helper,” which allows you to test your own tracking as well as look at how others have set up their tracking.

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