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What Is A Sitemap & Why You Need One

What Is A Sitemap & Why You Need One

Search engines and just like the reader, want a quick and easy way to navigate your content, which a sitemap can help you with. A sitemap provides both your users and you with an overview of your website’s content while also promoting SEO optimisation and thus your visibility in search engines.

What Is A Sitemap?

Before we get too far into why it might be important to design and maintain a sitemap, let’s define the term.

A sitemap is essentially a “map” of your website’s content. You can design it both physically by hand before creating your website and digitally in the structure afterwards.

You can physically draw and map your desired content and where it should be on your page. It can assist you in specifying which tabs the content should be located under as well as which categories you want to have, among other things. It can provide you with a useful overview of your content before you launch it.

A sitemap, in the digital sense, serves as a guideline and overview to help users navigate your website more easily. There are often more landing pages than can fit in the menu bar, they can be placed in a sitemap at the bottom of your website, where the user can still easily click.

Furthermore, it influences your site’s “SEO value” and aids Google in indexing and crawling your content. Because technical SEO optimization, among other things, deals with your structure, it is best if your SEO pages are no more than 3-4 links out. A sitemap is useful in this situation because it can be found at the bottom of all pages.

Different Types Of Sitemaps

Sitemaps are classified into three types: HTML sitemaps, XML sitemaps, and image and video sitemaps.

  • XML Sitemap: This is a dynamic, automatically updated sitemap. You can connect a plugin, Yoast SEO, to WordPress to help you with this type of sitemap. This plugin updates your XML file with any new content. It has little effect on search engine rankings and instead focuses on making Google easier to read your page.
  • HTML Sitemap: A coded page is manually created with an overview of your website’s pages – for the benefit of both the user and Google. This page is static and must be updated as needed. As a result, the next site map will have advantages.
  • Image and Video Sitemap: This sitemap provides an overview of your image and video files so that Google can read them better, faster, and easier. It makes the most sense to use if your page contains a lot of images or videos.


Finally, if you require guidance or assistance with your sitemap, you may contact get SEO services from a SEO agency or digital marketing company.

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