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Should You Hire An SEO Agency?

Should You Hire An SEO Agency?

One of the most difficult decisions is deciding who to hire to assist with your SEO. All three have advantages; I’ve worked in all of them, and in this article I’ll try to give you some ideas on which one to go with.

It’s worth noting that the question is so complicated that I obviously don’t know the final answer. As a result, the following should be regarded as a guideline.

SEO Agency


  • Stability – They ensure that they have the capacity to solve the tasks for you by hiring an SEO agency.
  • Reputation – Most agencies have a reputation that they work hard to maintain. As a result, there is less chance of them “tricking” you.
  • Experience across companies and industries – An agency works with a variety of clients, which provides them with a broad base of experience that they can use when working for you.
  • Specialists – Working with an agency provides them with a pool of specialists, which means that the various tasks can be handled by a specialist with experience in the specific field.


  • Higher cost – Hiring an SEO agency costs more as you hire a team of specialists. 
  • Less engagement – Even if an agency dives into your business and appears committed, agencies typically provide less personal commitment.
  • Communication – Collaboration with an agency typically necessitates extensive communication. Some of it is desired by the client, while some is desired by the agency. It is both healthy and necessary (in the right amounts), but it still takes a long time when the agency has to learn about your company, have different accesses, ask for permission, ask you to fix things, and so on.

SEO Consultant


  • Personal engagement – Because you are hiring a specific person, hiring a consultant usually results in a more personal commitment.
  • Flexibility – Most consultants often offer a great deal of flexibility, as they can decide on their own what needs to be done from day to day — and from customer to customer.
  • Service fee – A consultant is typically cheaper than an SEO agency, depending on the level of experience. 


  • Uncertainty – Even if a freelancer is skilled and dependable, there is always the possibility that they will take a job or change their business direction.
  • Missing specialties – If you hire an SEO consultant who is extremely knowledgeable technically, that person is likely to be less knowledgeable about link building — and vice versa. Working with an SEO consultant may not provide you with the complete package.
  • Holidays and sick leave – There may be times when a consultant is unavailable to work with you.

SEO Employee


  • Great business understanding – Because the person is employed in-house, he or she will automatically have a thorough understanding of your company, its target market, and its objectives.
  • More value for money – An SEO employee will be able to spend more time on your business compared to other solutions. 


  • Responsible for training and knowledge – A lot happens in the SEO industry, and it is your responsibility to keep in-house employees up to date. This can be accomplished, for example, by purchasing books, courses, workshops etc.
  • SEO tools expenses – SEO requires a variety of tools to be as effective as possible. These are monthly subscription-based tools for keyword analysis, rank tracking, link building and more.


SEO commitments can range from a few hours per month to several hundred hours per month. This, of course, has a significant impact on what is typically the correct constellation for your website and business.

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Table of Content

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