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External Links & Why They Are Important

External Links & Why They Are Important

Link building is an essential component of your SEO strategy. There are various methods for link building, but we will concentrate on one in particular which is external links.

Why Are Links Important?

In an increasingly digital world, your presence on Google is almost essential, especially when it comes to capturing new leads. We can see it for ourselves. When we are looking for a product or service but do not have a provider in mind, we go to Google and search for it.

This is why link building is essential. Links are part of the SEO optimisation process, which affects your search engine ranking. Google uses links, among other things, to determine your expertise in a topic and whether you deserve to be the first result when a user searches for your product or service.

Why is being at the top so important? That is because 31% – 35% of users choose one of the first three organic results when searching for something on Google, and with an average of 3 billion Google searches per day, not being in the top three means you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers. 

What Are External Links?

External link building, as the name implies, entails getting other websites to link to yours. Link building typically means external links, and they are also the ones that generate the most value, so they are critical to keep in mind in your link building strategy.

So it’s all about getting other online media, blogs, and websites to link to your website – it works similarly to a recommendation.

You are most likely familiar with it. If we are recommended something, such as a product, there is a greater chance that it is the exact product we are looking for. As a result, your online recommendations will drive more traffic to your website.

Aside from driving traffic to your website, external link building communicates to Google that your page and content are valuable. Because Google wants to provide good user experiences, it is critical that the top pages contain good and relevant content. As a result, your site may be rewarded with a higher ranking.

How Does External Link Building Work?

When it comes to SEO and link building, there are two types of external links to be aware of: inbound and outbound.

1. Inbound links denote links from another website to your website. These are the most valuable to search engines like Google because they increase the credibility of your site. This is the one you should concentrate on the most when developing your link building strategy.

2. Outbound links are links that lead from your website to another. Outbound links allow you to specify whether they should be “follow” or “nofollow.”

Follow link = When search engines follow you to the website you link to.

Nofollow link = When search engines do not follow the link to the website to which you are linking.

The diagram above can help you understand what the two types of external links mean. They are crucial to your SEO because they help to strengthen or weaken your authority and value in search engines.

If other authoritative and credible websites link to your website, the search engine can determine whether your company appears unique and credible based on the content. Thus, external link building is a series of recommendations from other websites that Google appreciates. This provides incentives for you to rank higher in search engines.

What To Do When Link Building

When it comes to external link building, having networks or partners to turn to can be beneficial for more people with outreaching. In this case, both parties can link to each other, providing value to both. If you want to be absolutely certain that you are following the rules, you can conduct additional research on white hat SEO.

How Do You Get External Links?

So, how did you obtain these links? That is an excellent question. It is possible that a website or blog will link to your website because they believe your content is good and relevant to the topic about which they are writing an article. This type of external link, however, is difficult to obtain because you have no control over it.

You can also write to some relevant pages and ask if they will link to your page in exchange for you linking to them. This can also be time consuming and difficult because you may be rejected and thus have to seek further with others.

Another option is to purchase links. There are numerous blogs and online media that provide paid articles. These are labelled ‘ad’ and are typically hidden away from the rest of the content.

This means that while few users will read the content, Google will – and that is, after all, the most important thing when it comes to improving your search engine ranking. This way, you can write the external content that is shared and link to the pages that you want.

Most companies hire an SEO agency to assist them with external link building. If you need assistance with your links or want to learn more about what we have to offer, please contact us for a non-binding conversation.

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