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What is PR & Why Is It Important For Companies?

What is PR & Why Is It Important For Companies?

PR, or Public Relations, is a strategic communication discipline that works with a company’s internal and external relations to strengthen its reputation in the eyes of the outside world.

It is thus about developing long-term and close relationships with its customers, ensuring that a good relationship is maintained and that the company achieves good publicity and general goodwill in the media image.

This discipline is important in maintaining a good reputation among existing customers, but it is equally important in capturing and retaining new customers.

PR Examples

PR can be defined as reputation management for the company’s brand value. It is thus an ongoing project with the goal of generating and maintaining positive publicity, a good reputation, and goodwill.

For example, if you want to increase the number of loyal customers in your customer database (or retention), your company’s overall reputation is a critical factor in the work of earning customer loyalty.

Other objectives may necessitate an active public relations effort. This is true, for example, if you need to find investors for a project or your company directly, by acquiring other smaller companies, entering new markets, or manoeuvring in a highly visible industry.

General public relations can also be about spreading knowledge about a company, even if it is not one with which you have many (or any) daily interactions.

Airlines are one such example. These are not everyday partners for the average citizen, but rather an industry associated with specific seasons and activities.

Nonetheless, a good public relations strategy is a worthwhile investment for airlines, as competition is fierce and consumer awareness of working conditions, environmental impact, and safety is growing.

PR is not only beneficial to you in the travel industry; all industries can benefit from a strengthened PR effort with varying degrees of the classic PR virtues.

Your overall online presence is a great place to start for the vast majority of people, which you can learn more about below.

The mentioned SWOT analysis is a good tool to use in the meantime to analyse your current situation.

This analysis can provide you with insight into your company’s situation and, as a result, indicate where you should focus your PR efforts.

Why Is PR Important?

When looking for positive publicity, it is critical for a business to rank high on search engines. This is due in part to the fact that journalists frequently use Google for research and article compilation.

If you appear near the top of the search results, you increase the likelihood that these will come across you and your company and use you as a source in their articles.

It raises awareness about your company and is a step in the right direction for good publicity.

Achieve Impactful PR With SEO

So, if you want to build a good reputation, you must incorporate public relations into your company’s activities. But how can you, as a company, ensure that this happens? SEO work is an important player in this scenario.

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, and it is the process of ranking a company high in Google search results so that the company generates as much traffic as possible to its website and improves its visibility on Google.

In many ways, public relations and SEO are similar. The goal of PR work is to persuade people and the media to have a positive perception of and interest in the company in question.

Public relations is concerned with the interaction of people and the media.

Typically, a public relations consultant will assist a company in telling its stories and communicating its values in order to capture the attention of larger media and thus increase visibility and traffic to the company. Unlike public relations, SEO is focused on search engines rather than people and the news media.

Nonetheless, search engines are heavily influenced by what the media does, with news value, credibility, and authority serving as the focal point and thus the factors that are worked from.

Similarly, the ultimate goal is the same in both the PR and SEO disciplines, as the emphasis is on increased, positive coverage in the relevant media. If you want to create effective PR for your company, SEO work is an excellent tool.

How Does It Work?

When creating effective PR for a company, one can work to get customers to rank higher on Google through their own domain and through selected keywords that make sense for that company to rank on.

Through SEO work, the company obtains the entire foundation for being able to reach people and then gain positive publicity.

Customers can be ranked higher by preparing articles about the company that include internal links to the company’s own domain as well as external links to other domains that fit the context and of the company.

PR Today

PR is still associated with press releases and maintaining contact with journalists and media outlets. Of course, there is still a lot of journalistic contact in some aspects of modern public relations work, but digital media has also become an integral part of public relations work.

This is due to both the development and digitalisation we are experiencing and co-creating, as well as the concept of relationship care becoming more widespread, so that it no longer exclusively embraces newspapers and the printing industry as guardians of the “public.”

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Be Present Where Your Target Audience Is

It is essential to be present where your readers, users, and/or customers are, which is increasingly on digital platforms and, to a lesser extent, print media.

As a result, some of the slightly more “classic virtues” of public relations have been digitized and reformed to the point where the person / persons responsible are expected to interact more directly with their target group.

As a result, PR managers today must have a broader focus as well as a toolbox that extends beyond the more traditional virtues.

More than ever, it is critical for a public relations consultant to be able to identify the best channels for disseminating a message or campaign, and that these channels include various digital channels that the target audience is using, such as social media.

This includes everything from YouTube to IGTV, which Generation Z heavily utilizes – so understanding its target audience is critical.

Furthermore, a press release with a follow-up article does not always have the same traction as a social media post that is widely shared and commented on.

With the foregoing in mind, Public Relations is now a broad-reaching field that is constantly challenged by new ways of communicating with its target audience.

It is all about being present and accessible when the needs of the target group arise – and thus SEO has become an integral part of the future PR strategy.

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How Do You Measure PR Activities?

Setting measurable goals is the first step in learning about its PR results. It may sound obvious, but it is frequently the element “measurable” that causes goals to fail in the assessment of success criteria.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say anything concrete about how to create measurable goals because it depends on the type of strategy you have designed and, particularly, where you want to be visible.

When it comes to general visibility and presence, as well as the ability for your target audience to easily find you, there are many tools you can use to measure your SEO performance as well as the efforts, such as link building and social media ads that put itself close to your on-page SEO.

Otherwise, contact our Bangkok SEO agency for additional assistance in tracking your objectives.

Furthermore, there are numerous methods for tracking your Public Relations activities. Google Analytics is a good example of a concrete tool because it allows businesses to gain valuable insight into their website, audience, and digital marketing.

More specifically, this allows you to determine which messages and channels produce the best results and which require assistance.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that is both free and simple to use. Another tool that we find extremely useful is Prezly, which allows us to easily stay current.

Do You Need Help With PR?

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your company make a better effort in this area, we’d be happy to provide you with additional information or a non-binding conversation. Contact your Bangkok digital marketing agency right away. We’re only a phone call away!

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