What Is Office 365 & How Does It Work?

Office 365 is a special package solution in which you pay a small annual fee to use the associated programs. It is thus not your typical Office package, in which you pay a one-time fee and then receive a complete Microsoft Office package. What makes this unique is that Office 365 is now more accessible.

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Depending on whether you need an Office suite for work, education, or something completely different, there are various requirements for programs and what they should be able to do. When you purchase the Office 365 package, you will be able to use the programs both online and on your computer.

The benefit of purchasing Office 365 is that it includes all of the Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Furthermore, this package includes 1TB (Terabyte) of online storage, as well as free software updates, support, and a slew of other perks. The associated apps are also available in the 365 package.

Although the license must be renewed annually, it can easily pay for itself because you are guaranteed the most recent version with Microsoft Office 365. There are two versions of this type, one for one user license and the other for five user licenses. This is self-evident if you are a family.

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Download Office 365

If you’ve decided that this package is the best fit for you, simply purchase and download Office 365. Once you’ve decided that this is the platform for you, you can purchase a version for home, business, or studio use.

Office 365 includes a variety of programs, and we’ve summarised what they include and what you should know about them below:

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