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What Is International SEO? Be Visible Abroad

What Is International SEO? Be Visible Abroad

International SEO is the practice of optimising your search presence for people who live across national borders.

Particularly if you know that a large proportion of your visitors are from countries other than your own or speak different languages.

Through international SEO, you can create a bridge between your website and potential customers, as well as a better experience for all of your visitors.

Any search engine will attempt to find results that match the language and location you are searching from. It is therefore critical that if you want to be visible beyond your own borders and languages, you consider the elements that search engines notice.

This means that search engines, in particular, take language and location into account when determining what type of content is most relevant to you as a user. There are various tools for this, and making one’s website more sought after internationally according to search engines can be a time-consuming process.

Get More Visitors From International SEO

International search engine optimization may appear to some to be a foreign concept, but it is something that most people are familiar with, far better than they think, and can be compared to geotargeting, making it much easier to understand.

This means that you target your content by a geographically defined area, such as a new country or language, but instead of optimising your site to attract visitors from a specific location, you can optimise your content for different countries and languages. When it comes to international SEO, however, it is first and foremost about developing a strategy.

Geographic targeting, hreflang tags, and other localization signals can help you make your SEO much more international by allowing you to target your content to users all over the world. The goal is to increase the visibility of your website in search engines in the selected countries, resulting in more traffic to your website.

Choosing A Domain

When it comes to international SEO, it is critical to decide where to place the various languages. So, what does that imply? Your domain is your unique name on the Internet and serves as a directory.

Your domain name is crucial to how Google and other search engines read your website and its subpages.

As a result, registering domain automatically informs search engines that your website is in Thai. The same is true if you select a .my, .vn, domain, for example.

It is therefore critical to consider how the website should be used, as it is through this action that the language in question is displayed, assisting visitors to take the desired action.

You can accomplish this by focusing on three specific points:

  • Use an international-friendly URL structure to specify your destination and/or location.
  • Using language tags, you can determine which language your content is aimed at.
  • Create and maintain content in your target audience’s language. This is the content for which you rank.

Failure to stick to your chosen language boundaries can set you back in international SEO.

This means that if you choose a domain, you cannot immediately begin writing in English or Spanish. In an ideal world, would only be used for Thai.

But, you may be wondering, is there anything you can do if you prefer to communicate in another language?

You can be completely relaxed, and your website can easily communicate in languages other than Thai, if you choose domain, for example.

Google has created a guide on how to create the best international page possible. More information can be found by clicking here.

International SEO Benefits

So, what are the real benefits of optimising your SEO for international traffic? It can be useful to know which target group your company is dealing with, depending on the industry. Knowing who is being reached out to makes it easier to decide which communication strategy to invest in.

Once the target group has been identified, it is much easier to target one’s marketing in terms of digital communication, where there are numerous options. Although completely unrealistic, it is a good starting point; if your website is optimised after a positive experience, you can be confident that the traffic that occurs is here to stay.

You will get a lot more out of your online marketing as soon as there is more traffic to your website, especially if it is friendly to the international segment. As a result, international SEO gives you access to increased visibility across national borders.

Do You Need Help With International SEO?

We are experts in SEO services, including international SEO. So, if your company is looking to increase its international visibility, please contact our digital marketing company to see how we can assist you further.

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