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What Is Black Hat SEO & Why To Avoid It

What Is Black Hat SEO & Why To Avoid It

If you are familiar with the hacker classifications of “black hat”, “grey hat” – and “white hat”, you can easily figure out what black hat SEO is about. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, read this article where we review the terms.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a type of search engine optimization that attempts to manipulate the search engines’ page rank in a way that the search engines consider unethical and against their guidelines.

The type of link building strategy used by the vast majority of websites with high optimization ambitions is an example of what Google would classify as SEO that violates the guidelines.

Purchasing link references from other websites that have authority over Google without tagging it as a purchased link – as Google will not consider it as adding value to your site’s authority.

Who Does It?

As a result, many people who work with SEO on a daily basis will be able to admit their guilt in certain black hat areas.

Without the use of link building, for example, it can be difficult to reach page one of Google and even more difficult to reach the top three results.

However, these are not the only “hacks” that lean more toward the grey tones than the pure white tones, as much of the work that search engine experts do on a daily basis must eventually affect PageRank.

Is Black Hat Illegal SEO?

As a result, a term like “black hat” can be more easily misconstrued, as it conjures up images of illegal hacking even though it contains no illegal strategies.

Machine-generated texts for search engines that must contain keywords and phrases, massive and automated link building made by machines, or “cloaking” are more controversial forms of SEO that many consider both unethical and ineffective.

– when a website displays one to human visitors but informs search engines, for example, through HTML or keyword tags, that the page is about something completely different.

Is It Worth It?

As with many other things, there is some risk in working with SEO to improve a website’s ranking.

Because Google does not understand your intent, both the white, black, and grey hats can cause changes that cause you to lose one or more placements.

That being said, there is no reason to engage in the most risky black hat strategies when we now have such a thorough understanding of what factors Google considers when ranking pages.

At best, you have wasted time and money because your efforts were ineffective, and at worst, you will be penalised by search engines.

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