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Premium Facebook Marketing Partner

Premium Facebook Agency Partner.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media marketing platform. The user base is huge with all types of consumers – so whether you sell B2C or B2B, working with Facebook to promote your products or services is certain to increase your sales.

The benefits of Facebook advertising are clear but understanding how to use it to drive profitable sales is not always so simple. It requires a clear strategy and knowledge of Facebook’s ad account system.

Our Facebook ads agency team has managed over ฿2 billion in Facebook ad spend. We help businesses like yours, with advanced campaign strategies to grow your brand, conversions, and revenue.

We have some of Thailand’s best and most experienced Facebook blueprint specialists ready to help you succeed with Facebook marketing.

Our agency is selected by Facebook as their Premium Marketing Partner. It is the highest status for a Facebook agency which officially sets IBEX as one of the top Facebook agencies in the world.

There are 3 tiers in the marketing partner program: 

• Account
• Preferred
• Premium

We have our own Facebook video production team.

Video ads on Facebook are underestimated by a lot of digital agencies We know after managing billions of baht in Facebook ad spend, it plays an important role in a consistent ROAS campaign performance.

Not only will your brand stand out on people’s news feeds, using video ads on Facebook lower cost per action (CPA) and improve conversion rates.

We are driven by strategy and results.

It all starts with strategy if you want to improve online performance in your organization. We have an in-depth knowledge of which Facebook strategy to implement to generate results without wasting your marketing budget.

It requires time and skills to achieve significant results with Facebook advertising. Studies shows that over 40% of Facebook marketers struggle to generate results for their business. This is because it’s so simple to create a Facebook ad.

We’re hyper data-driven when it comes Facebook advertising. Every day our team works on your Facebook account, where we continuously run A/B split testing on everything from products, creative, copywriting, optimization and audience targeting.

We can make a big difference for you. We have managed Facebook campaigns for all types of industries, so if we lack know-how about your products and services, we probably have experience similar industries that we apply to run profitable campaigns.  

This means from day 1 we have a clear idea of which Facebook strategy to implement, target groups to reach and objectives to focus on – in order create effective campaigns for you. We can save you from wasting time and marketing budgets on running ads that are not reaching your target audience or converting results.

Book a non-obligated free consultation meeting with our social media marketing experts today.

Table of Content

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Prompt, reliable, and delivers results. The IBEX team are trustworthy partners for businesses seeking reliable, results-driven solutions.
Faith Leah Lim
Faith Leah Lim

Marketing & Communications Manager

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