IBEX selected by Facebook as Premium Marketing Partner

IBEX selected by Facebook as Premium Marketing Partner

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been selected by Facebook as a Premium Marketing PartnerBig news for IBEX’s Social Media team, our existing and future client’s.
A Premium Partner badge is the highest status for a Facebook agency and rare in Thailand. A major milestone that officially sets IBEX as one of the top Facebook marketing agencies worldwide.
To be selected as a Premium Partner, a digital marketing agency must have the ability to create qualified results at scale. 

Below are some of Facebook’s requirements:
Spend: Minimum of THB 72 million over the last 180 days. 

Qualifying spend: 89% of our client’s budget is spent on objectives that are optimised to drive meaningful business outcomes. Facebook’s requirement is 80%.

Qualifying placements: 99% of our pages follow Facebook’s recommendations to achieve the best results possible. 

IBEX now has exclusive access to Premium resources, tools, and support from Facebook’s team to achieve marketing goals. 

This Premium Partner status means:

  • Premium live chat support in case technical problems should arise, as well as consulting on creative, measurement and performance solutions
  • IBEX can book 1:1 consultation with experts at Facebook. 
  • Pre-launch access to new products and features. 
  • Invite-only events by Facebook enabling IBEX and clients to learn to about practices from Facebook.
  • Advanced training resources directly from Facebook.
  • Access to Facebook agency analytical tools and reports.

We’re excited to bring even greater support & innovation to our clients by leveraging the most sophisticated partner tools available, and most importantly, our deepening relationship and collaboration with Facebook.