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Get More Traffic With LSI Keywords

Get More Traffic With LSI Keywords

When Google indexes and categorises your website, it considers a variety of factors. We discuss an often-overlooked (but crucial) aspect of SEO called LSI keywords.

Google can better understand what your texts are about when you use LSI keywords. This means that when your customers search for products in your industry, you will have a better chance of appearing in the search results.

When you do a keyword analysis, ie. find relevant keywords for your website that your customers use, you look at e.g. on:

  • Search Volume
  • Competition 
  • Placements


But it is also important that you look at the intent behind the keywords. When Google needs to understand the content of your website, the search engine does not just look at a single word. Google heavily uses synonyms and related words to understand the content of your pages. This means that Google better classifies pages in the index – and shows relevant pages in the search results.

As a result, it is critical that you use synonyms and words related to your topic. It is not sufficient to repeat the same word several times. That is precisely what LSI keywords are all about.

LSI is an abbreviation for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keywords involve Google looking at more than just the individual word in the text. Google understands your text by using synonyms and related words. LSI keywords were introduced by the search engine in 2004 and have since become an important part of the algorithm.



If your company sells SEO services, you will use SEO-related terms. However, it is largely dependent on the topics you write about in SEO. For Google, it is critical that users have the best possible experience, which includes quickly finding what they are looking for. In this blog post, for example, we discuss LSI keywords. That is why we use phrases like:

  • LSI Keywords
  • Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Synonyms
  • Words that are related
  • Search terms

How Do You Find LSI Keywords?

You can use Google’s own tool, Google Keyword Planner, to find LSI keywords. Although Google Keyword Planner is primarily used for Google Ads/Adwords, it can also be used for search engine optimization.

If you sell protein powder, you should also concentrate on the keyword “protein powder.” This is why you type “boots” into the Keyword Planner.

When you conduct this type of search, Google suggests keywords for your AdWords ad. However, the tool has a hidden function: you can find the keywords that Google associates with your chosen word.

When selling protein powder, you can also use keywords such as “protein,” “protein bars,” “protein snacks,” and so on. How to write more relevant text for your target audience.

Write For The User And Not For Google

Google has a “human brain” and does not rely solely on mathematical calculations, as in the past. The search engine makes an attempt to comprehend the content of your text. As a result, you should always write to the reader first. Then there’s Google. Your text should be simple to read and relevant to your audience. If you only write texts for search engines, it is a short-term strategy!

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