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What is Duplicate Content & How Does It Affect SEO?

What is Duplicate Content & How Does It Affect SEO?

If you already work with SEO, you may already know what SEO duplicate content is.

However, if you are new to SEO, it can be difficult to keep track of all the terms that you may come across when performing search engine optimization on your website, which is why we have written this short and concrete blog post about what duplicate content is and why you should avoid it on your website.

What Is SEO Duplicate Content?

In a nutshell, it is exactly as the words describe. It is content that occurs several times, and why is it so relevant when working with SEO?

This is because it is best to avoid it, as we will discuss further. But first, a more detailed explanation of the two terms commonly used when discussing duplicate content.

  • Internal duplicate content – It refers to all of the content on your own website. And in this case, you can quickly, consciously or unconsciously, reuse some content here and there. In some cases, such as recurring events and news, this may make sense. However, try to avoid it.
  • External duplicate content – It is all of the content that is repeated on “all” websites. So both your own website and all the pages that are available. One might wonder, “Why is this happening?” It does so because many people, sadly, steal a little from each other, small sections here and there, and even entire websites!

This blog post is an obvious example of being able to be copied because it is general knowledge, but we have seen examples of entire websites being copied as well.

Why You Should Avoid Duplicate Content When Working With SEO

“Copy and paste” is tempting, but it will harm your SEO.

When using duplicate content on your own website, you may be punished by Google.As a search engine, Google wants to provide its users with the best possible experience, and they believe if you have duplicate content on your site, it will be a bad experience for the searcher.

And being “punished” by Google means that you will have to work harder on SEO and will appear lower in search results.

Common Duplicate Content Mistakes

We will briefly outline two of the most common pitfalls when it comes to duplicate content.

  •  Product descriptions – If you have a webshop and sell brands that are not your own, chances are that others do as well. This means that you have most likely received the same product descriptions. You can make a big difference here by making your own product descriptions stand out; this is a good way to avoid external duplicate content.
  • About us sections – Many websites have a page or section dedicated to their company or business, such as ‘About us’ or ‘Who are we?’ Or “Contact us” – it’s tempting to reuse one’s good words and sentences on these pages, but it’s a no-no and an example of internal duplicate content. It is bad for the page SEO and thus bad for the business.

Tools For Finding Duplicate Content For SEO

You can use these tools to help you avoid duplicate content when working with SEO on your website.

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