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What are the differences between SEO and Google Ads?

What are the differences between SEO and Google Ads?

Here’s an overview of SEO versus Google Ads.

What is SEO? How does it work?

The business and marketing world is all abuzz about “SEO”. Short for “search engine optimization” it is THE thing you must do to get an edge on your competition.

Well-executed SEO can raise your website’s search engine rankings on Google so that its name appears before competitors. As not many people look past the first page or two of Google results, having good SEO strategy is essential to remain competitive. This article will cover SEO, comparing it to Google Ads, to determine which is better.


What is SEO?

SEO measures your website content relevance according to Google. A search engine, such as Google or Bing, wants to provide their customers the best results, so they build algorithms that look for the most relevant websites based on keywords. So, if you search for “best sushi Bangkok”, Google’s algorithm will identify the top matches for those keywords.


How does SEO work?

SEO works in a fundamentally simple way. A search engine algorithm is meant to determine the most relevant websites to list first, and search engines like Google may change that algorithm regularly. However, the function remains the same – Google deploys bots to find terms that indicate a website is trustworthiness, value, and reputability. The goal is to find websites with the most useful information for their users.


What is SEO used for?

Now we know how SEO works, but how useful is it for your company? SEO is basically a straightforward website solution. It increases your brand recognition by increasing the number of people who see your website. Google bots regularly crawl sites searching for pertinent content. Therefore, it is essential that you consistently update your website with reliable content targeting your customers. SEO can create that surge you need, as long as your content is relevant. It also helps if your website is responsive. Google bots prefer websites that adjust to a device for the best viewing and user experience.

What is Google Ads? How does it work?

Unlike SEO, Google Ads allows businesses to pay their way to the top of results instead of through organic searches. This is an ideal way to promote your business if you’re just starting out and haven’t established an SEO presence with Google, as well as to publicize announcements, sales, or campaigns.

While Google Ads may be a workaround to the first page of search results, you should know how it works and when best to integrate Google Ads in your digital marketing plan.


What is Google Ads?

Google Ads places your listings at the top of certain results for pay. Unlike organic search results, there will be a small box on the right side saying they are paid listings. Most users are used to it, so this is a good way to increase your exposure to potential customers.


How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads is online advertising, much like buying time to broadcast a TV commercial to create a buzz for your brand. This is a good method of increasing business during slow times. However, you should remember that the ads will disappear once you stop paying for them, unlike SEO, which may take time to build, but is free.


What is Google Ads used for?

You can increase your company’s visibility with Google Ads, appearing at the top of search engine rankings. You only pay for ads when users click on it, which is why Google Ads is also known as pay-per-click (PPC). Some organizations run Google Ads continuously, while others choose specific times for their Google Ad campaigns.

Google Ads vs. SEO

Since SEO is different than Google Ads, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Which works better in short runs and for longer periods?


Differences between Google Ads and SEO

The main difference between the two strategies is that SEO requires time for organic growth while Google Ads puts you at the top immediately. Google charges for ads but not for SEO. If your SEO and content is good enough according to Google’s algorithm, you’ll appear at the top without having to pay Google. But if the algorithm no longer deems your content useful, or if another company has better, you may start ranking lower.

SEO is a long-term investment in that it can take some time for Google to see your content as credible and worthy of the top spots. Your brand may spend a long time in the lower ranks before finally getting elevating. With Google Ads, there’s no time worry as it’s immediately effective.

Users will see which results are pay-per-click ads. Some customers may still click on the ad knowing you paid for it, but others may feel it is not a true search result.


How do SEO and Google Ads affect each other?

With a proper strategy, SEO and Google Ads can complement each other. Google Ads are good for new companies that need publicity. SEO is free, created organically from recognition, relevant content, and effective design. Improving SEO should always be part of your marketing with applicable, targeted content.

Making the most of Google Ads is also important. Budgeting part of your marketing spend to appear at the top of Google results is always a good idea. Google Ads also provides useful analytics so that you can evaluate and adjust your campaign as needed. They are also helpful for deciding your target audience by giving you a better idea of who would be interested in your products or services so that you can design suitable content. Well-crafted content is also excellent for organic SEO growth, so it is a two-for-one win.

SEO vs. Google Ads Difference

Should you invest in PPC or SEO?

Ideally, you should do both PPC and SEO. Google Ads is best as you are establishing or changing your brand message by getting visibility quickly. However, you shouldn’t depend only on pay-per-click as you’ll only stay on top as long as you have the money for it. You should also develop your SEO rankings at the same time.

Engaging and informative content is vital. Keywords are also important, but you should not repeat them over and over again. Google bots can now detect this “keyword stuffing”, and visitors to your site won’t appreciate it as well. Appealing content is vital for SEO. You also should regularly add new content, include links to internal and external sites, and make sure your metadata is robust.

Google Ads and SEO together are perfect to keep your brand in front of your target audience. You shouldn’t think of one versus the other, but rather, look at them as two different tools to achieve your marketing goal. Understanding their differences will help you reach the top of Google search engine results. Still unsure where to begin or how to implement?

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