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Tips for Instagram Reels & Reels Ads [2023]

Tips for Instagram Reels & Reels Ads [2023]

Meta has packed Instagram Reels with many new updates since the launch.

Back in 2021 Instagram revealed that Reels are one of the fastest growing ways for businesses to reach new followers and be discovered across audiences.

It has more to do with the exploding rise of TikTok, which has become a global addiction with over a billion monthly users. Because of TikTok’s popularity, Instagram has redirected their algorithms so that Instagram Reels are prioritised more in our personal feeds.

This means that you, as a business, can no longer rely on simple posts to grow and maintain a loyal Instagram following. With an average engagement rate of 1.95% – at least double that of other Instagram post types – you should not underestimate Reels’ positive impact on the reach and engagement of your Instagram profile.

It’s time to put on your work gloves if you want to grow your following and gain more attention for your business in 2023.

What are Reels?

Instagram Reels are vertical videos that can be up to 90 seconds long as of July 2022. Where Reels truly distinguishes itself is that the user sees Reels not only from the profiles they follow, but from all Instagram profiles on the platform.

Reels enables the creation of interactive videos in which music and sound clips are central to the experience. Reels allows you to cut the video sequence directly in the Instagram app, eliminating the need for additional tools or apps.

You can share Reels on your story and in your feed, where it will appear in the ‘Reels’ and ‘Explore’ tabs automatically.

Consumers today are eager to meet the person behind the brand. Instagram users want to see branded content that they can relate to and that connects them to the products or services they purchase. As a result, Instagram Reels are an excellent way for brands to flex their creative muscles and demonstrate who they are in a fun and visual manner.


Instagram’s Algorithm Favours:

1. People who watch your entire Reel
Instagram prefers it when users view your entire Reel. As a result, you should think about how long your video sequence should be. If you create a Reel of up to 90 seconds, the chances of it being seen from beginning to end are far lower than if you create a video of 10-15 seconds.

In my opinion, the best length for an Instagram Reel is 5-10 seconds. Short and to the point!

2. High engagement
When creating a Reel, make sure to encourage interaction so that you can get as many likes and comments as possible. Another method for increasing exposure and the algorithm’s performance is to request that your colleagues view, like, comment, and save it.

3. Users click to enable the sound
People prefer to click on the sound if they intend to use it themselves. As a result, it is a good idea to conduct some preliminary research before beginning to create your Reel. One trick is to use TikTok to see what music and audio sequences are trending there.

In terms of trends, Instagram is approximately 14 days “delayed.” If something is popular on TikTok, you can bet it will soon be popular on Instagram.

4. High quality & format
Does your reel fit the 9:16 format while remaining high in quality? The algorithm should then shower you with extra attention. Another tip is to use effects and filters from the Reels workshop to give your Reel an extra wow factor.


Instagram does not favour when:

  • You repurpose videos from other platforms, such as TikTok, with watermarks or logos.
  • You post political content or anything else that violates Instagram’s terms of service.
  • You are uploading a low-quality reel.

More facts about Instagram Reels Ads

Advertising with Reels became possible in June 2021.

Reels, according to Instagram, is the best place to target users who don’t follow you and be discovered globally.

Unlike organic Reels, you can upload a video of up to 60 seconds in length. If the user does not scroll any further, the video will loop. The user can also like, comment, save, and share Reel’s ads, allowing you to interact with your target audience.

If you decide to advertise on Reels, make sure that the creative matches what the user expects to see when they view Reels. Use music from Instagram’s music library or ‘trending sounds,’ and effects like ‘transitions’.Conduct extensive research and gather ideas and inspiration for how to best present your product in order for it to fit into the Reels universe.

At IBEX we are experts in Instagram reels advertising. Schedule a free consultation with our social media agency today.

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