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6 Tips For Succeeding With Digital Marketing In Thailand

6 Tips For Succeeding With Digital Marketing In Thailand

How do you achieve success in digital marketing? Which channels should you go with? How do you quantify effort? Should you even invest in traditional marketing activities these days? In this blog post, I will attempt to answer the aforementioned questions while also providing you with a number of concrete tips on how to be successful with digital marketing in a country like Thailand.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing activities that make use of the Internet or an electronic device. Businesses reach out to potential customers through a variety of digital marketing channels. Search engines, social media, e-mail, websites, and other digital media can all be used as digital marketing channels.

1. Track All Your Marketing Activities

If you want to give your digital marketing efforts a boost, you should first set up accurate goal tracking. This holds true for both digital and non-digital marketing efforts. The ability to measure the impact of various channels and activities is critical because these metrics allow you to make informed decisions about your marketing mix.

Once you have accurately measured all campaigns and channels, you will be able to quickly obtain an overview of the ROI (Return on Investment) on each individual marketing activity. This makes it easier to distribute budgets across channels, and you can easily report on the results to others who may be interested.

You can quickly begin tracking the outcomes of your digital marketing campaigns. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are two excellent tools for measuring traffic, conversions, and other metrics on your website.

Facebook has also developed a tool known as Facebook Analytics, which can perform many of the same functions as Google Analytics. However, this differs from Google Analytics in that it is user-based rather than cookie-based.

UTM Tracking is a third option for tracking results. You insert a unique UTM tag in all links you use with this option. You can then track the results of the campaigns in which the link is used. More information on UTM Tracking can be found here.

2. Know Your Audience & Business

Digital marketing channels offer many segmentation options. It is, among other things, possible to hit very specific and narrow target groups compared to what is known from other traditional media. Therefore, it is also important that you are absolutely clear on which target group your company is primarily targeting.

This is important because you can achieve the best return on your investment in marketing if you avoid your ads hitting everyone other than those who are in your primary target audience. So if the desire is to have the highest possible return on the marketing dollars, then you must narrow down your target groups as much as possible.

Facebook has, among other things, a number of good options to segment by interests, age, gender, geographic location, job, etc. So the more you know about your potential customers, the better you can use these tools.

A good tip is to have an archetype you can work from when creating campaigns. For example, if you sell fishing equipment, your archetype could be Somchai, aged 50, who is interested in fishing and lives in Bangkok. Of course, you’ll still get customers who don’t match that description, but it’s all about targeting those who are most likely to buy your product.

In addition to being focused on your target audience, it is critical to have your numbers under control. If you set up goal tracking as described in the first tip, you will get a lot of good data on how much it costs to get a customer. This is also known as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). However, these figures are only useful if you know how much you make from each customer. To do so, you must compute your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

You know how much a customer must cost once you’ve calculated your CLV. The trick then is to ensure that you acquire customers at a lower CAC than your CLV.

3. Test & Adjust Your Content Material

If you’ve previously worked on traditional marketing campaigns, you’ve probably spent a significant amount of time crafting the perfect ad. It is critical with traditional media that it sits right in the cupboard the first time, as it is difficult and expensive to change the advertisement or message once the campaign has begun. Fortunately, digital marketing works exactly the opposite way.

Of course, with digital campaigns, you must also make an effort to select the appropriate message, create the ideal video, and so on. However, with digital campaigns, you know that the truly effective campaign is discovered through testing. As a result, you frequently create multiple versions of the same advertisement to see which messages the target group responds to best. This is also known as split testing. As an example, consider the following:

You sell shoes online but are unsure whether it is the price, quality, or service that will entice your customers to buy. Then you create three nearly identical ads, with the only difference being the sales pitch. You show them to the same group of people and then see which message performs the best. You can choose to continue using that message in the campaign.

The benefit of testing along the way is obvious: your marketing budget is spent more efficiently on ads that work. Instead of ineffective advertisements. Remember that when you launch a digital marketing campaign, you are not at the end of the road; you have only just begun.

4. Use Different Channels

Today’s customer journey is more complicated than ever. Today’s customer journey will frequently include multiple influences from various channels, devices, and a combination of offline and online. As a result, it is critical that you do not place your trust in just one channel. For good reason, omnichannel has become a marketing buzzword. It is critical to be where the customers are and follow them throughout the customer journey.

But, aside from the obvious benefit of being present wherever your customers are, there is another significant benefit to using multiple channels for your digital marketing. The various channels can create target groups based on different data, and each channel has its own strengths. As a result, combining several channels can frequently result in 1+1=3.

IBEX Digital Agency frequently uses a combination of channels for companies looking to generate leads, such as Google Ads and Facebook advertising. If you only use Google Ads, you’ll have a good chance of targeting the right people because Google has a lot of data on what we search for, which pages we visit, and so on. However, because you rely on sending traffic to a contact form on your website, you will have difficulty converting the traffic. If you only use Facebook advertising, you will run into the opposite issue. It will be simple to generate leads through Facebook Lead Ads, but you will struggle to reach the right people because Facebook does not allow you to target ads based on what your potential target audience has searched for. As a result, the pairing of the two channels is brilliant. You can generate targeted traffic with Google Ads and convert it into leads with Facebook Lead Ads.

5. Create Dynamic Budgets

If you want to maximise the effectiveness of your digital campaigns, you must adopt a new approach to budgeting. If you work with fixed budgets, you may lose customers and profit.

If you must work with scalable budgets for your digital campaigns, it may be beneficial to set a maximum CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) that must be met. You should scale your budget as long as you can get below it, as this will result in higher returns on your campaigns. This approach, of course, assumes that you do not encounter delivery issues and that your liquidity can keep up.

6. Setup Remarketing Campaigns

You are losing a lot of sales if you are not using remarketing today. Remarketing campaigns must be viewed as the foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy. Because if you understand how to convert traffic into paying customers over time, you can better buy expensive traffic from sources such as Google Ads. But, how should you go about remarketing?

Setting up a remarketing flow on Facebook can be low-hanging fruit. You can then display different messages to your potential customers based on how long it has been since they last visited your website.

Stay Up To Date

With the six tips listed above, you have a good chance of success in digital marketing. However, there are many more aspects of a successful campaign that cannot be condensed into a single blog post with a series of tips.

It is critical that you keep up with current events. Because digital marketing is always evolving. GoogleFacebook, and the other major marketing channels are constantly changing their functionality and algorithms. At the same time, consumer purchasing habits are changing faster than ever before. It is therefore critical that you are aware of the current state of affairs.

Sign up for some relevant digital marketing newsletters and keep up with the industry’s leading blogs and podcasts, in my opinion. Furthermore, you should not be afraid to spend money on expanding your knowledge. Attending conferences or investing in the knowledge of others is an excellent investment that will help you avoid making stupid mistakes.

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