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How To Choose The Right SEO Keywords

SEO Content Template – Write Good SEO Content

If you have a website, you will not overlook the importance of SEO on the page in order to rank higher in search results.

The more competitive your industry, the more important search engine optimisation should be.

If you have control over the technical aspects, the next step in your strategy will most likely be the strategic use of SEO content on your website, for which you should have a template.

We’ve previously written about SEO content, what they are and what they can do, so if you’re just getting started, we recommend reading some of our other articles.

On this page, we will go over how to write SEO friendly content and provide you with a template for both technical content and readability for your potential customers.


Template For Good SEO Content

There will, of course, be varying content requirements depending on your business and industry.

Web shops selling highly technical products or possibly spare parts, for example, have a greater need to describe product specifications, installation instructions, and the like, and should thus use one type of template.

A company that sells consulting services or products that typically have a very short process from decision to purchase, for example, will not require long product descriptions that must be search engine optimised.

Therefore, a different type of template would be required here. We’ve created a slightly generalised template for setting up and producing SEO content that can be applied to a variety of business types and products/services.

SEO H Tags

H-tags are an important part of this template because they divide the various headings and subheadings that occur into manageable chunks so that all of your readers can easily navigate the information and sort in relevance.

We call them H-tags here to emphasise the importance of these headings and subheadings also being search engine optimised – because search engines cannot always (yet) read content that humans can.

Remember to break up the SEO content with H-tags that correspond to H1 = heading, H2, H3, H4, etc. = subheadings. Furthermore, keep in mind that the headlines must be tailored to the keyword you are optimising for and must capture and hold the attention of your reader.

If you use this template as a checklist, it is not enough to simply ensure that your headings and subheadings are formatted as H-tags.

Introduction SEO Content

The first impression is crucial in general, and this is especially true for SEO content, which are included in this template. As a result, it is critical that you write a catchy, but also very relevant, introduction to the content so that your readers are enticed to continue reading. It is critical to be concise and precise in the introduction so that your readers or customers understand what they can expect after finishing reading. Of course, as the template indicates, this should also be explained in your headlines, but your introduction is an additional opportunity to sell the reading experience to your customers and readers.

The SEO Content

This is where you describe your product, sell the pleasant atmosphere in your restaurant, explain why your service is the best, or discuss something related to your company or industry.

In this section of the template, the content is also heavily dependent on your business in terms of what is relevant for you to write about.

However, there are some general recommendations from Google and SEO experts that you can get here as an extension of our template and that can point you in the direction of what you need to pay special attention to when writing for search engines.

One of the most important guidelines for body content is to avoid spamming with your keyword (s), as Google detects this and penalises your content with a lower ranking.

Experts in the field tested the number of keyword repetitions and discovered that two repetitions of the keyword or search phrase immediately have the best effect when you want to emphasise to Google what the content is about.

Google has also released a Search Quality Rating Guideline, which explains how Google determines what constitutes “good” content and, like the template here, can be applied across professional groups and industries.

This is because it is critical to remember that search engines exist to provide relevant search results to their users, and thus it is critical to consider search intent and customer needs to know when writing SEO content.

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Table of Content

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