Should You Run A Facebook Contest?

Facebook contests can be an effective marketing strategy if you want to raise awareness about the product that is the subject of the content, as well as your brand, which is promoted and shared more widely.

As a result, a Facebook competition is an excellent way to spread the word about your brand and raise positive awareness about your company. However, in order to maintain the positive, it is critical to follow current regulations.

Here is a guide on how to best set up a Facebook competition that follows all guidelines and rules.

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Follow Facebook’s Contest Rules

If you intend to create a Facebook contest, you must also follow Facebook’s guidelines.

These include, among other things, adhering to the Thailand Marketing Act (as well as other countries’ marketing laws if you run your competition internationally) and obtaining and registering all necessary permits for both holding a Facebook giveaway and awarding prizes.

Furthermore, in your Facebook competition post, you must state unequivocally that Facebook has nothing to do with your competition – this is known as a complete disclaimer. You must also state that your contest is not sponsored, endorsed, affiliated with, or administered by Facebook.

The terms and conditions for your Facebook competition must also be clearly stated in your post. This could be the minimum age for participation, for example.

Facebook Contest Competition Giveaway

Things You Must Know About Facebook Contests & Giveaways

When running a Facebook contest, certain rules and guidelines must be followed, and here are a few of the most important things to remember.

Participants should not be required to share your page or post. You may also NOT require participants to “Like” your page or tag one or more friends in order to participate. This is in violation of Facebook’s established policies.

Although asking participants to tag their friends is not directly against Facebook’s rules, it is still a trap that we recommend you avoid, as this can have consequences for both your post and your company’s page, which may be removed.

To participate in your Facebook competition, you may require participants to “Like” your company’s page, comment on the post, create their own post, or send a direct message to your company’s page.

The rules are not intended to complicate the process of doing a Facebook competition, but rather to ensure a positive experience on Facebook – both for you and for Facebook users and competition participants.

Tips & Tricks For A Facebook Competition

When you decide to hold a Facebook competition, you naturally want the participants to participate, and you also want a large number of participants.

As a result, we have three good tips for engaging participants while adhering to the rules and guidelines.

Participants must “Like” and comment on the post. This is a win-win situation for you in every way, because the participants’ friends can see that they have commented on and liked the post.

You can also ask participants to write a creative comment. This gives participants the impression that they can outperform the competition.

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