412% Increase in Advertising Spend While Lowering Cost per Conversion by 75%

The Client

World Animal Protection (WAP) is a global nonprofit organization committed to safeguarding animals’ well-being. They work tirelessly to protect animals from cruelty and suffering, advocating for policy changes, rescue operations, and public awareness campaigns. WAP’s mission is to create a world where animals live free from pain and suffering, promoting compassion and ethical treatment worldwide.


The Challenge

WAP had faced challenges with their donation campaigns, failing to meet key performance indicators (KPIs) when it came to the Cost per Conversion (CPA) and Return of Ad Spend (ROAS).

Client Goals

Wishes to increase advertising spend while keeping CPA below maximum threshold

Our Strategy

We initiated technical audits to ensure the website’s user behavior, tracking mechanisms, and website speed met industry standards. We found that a lot of conversions were not tracked in their Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads Manager. We therefore implemented Conversions API which significantly improved efficiency, reducing the cost per conversion (CPA) by an impressive 20%. With careful planning, we then established a campaign scaling strategy that allowed us to increase advertising spend strategically while staying within the predefined cost per conversion KPI. These changes made WAP’s donation campaigns more effective, getting more conversions while keeping the cost per conversion below the maximum CPA. 


412 Increase in Advertising Spend Within 2 Months

75% Lower Cost per Conversion Within 2 Months

We have cooperated with IBEX since 2022. Since then our donations and revenue has increased steadily. We will never consider changing to a different agency, as the level and proactiveness is the highest we ever experienced among Thai digital agencies.

Varanuj Hansuebsai – Marketing Manager



World Animal Protection


10 October, 2023


Performance Media

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