93% Lower Cost per Lead Within 2 Months

The Client

Kvik is a Danish company specializing in kitchen and bathroom design, famous for its functional, stylish, and affordable solutions. They offer a diverse product range, including cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets, and accessories, all inspired by Scandinavian design principles of simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Kvik is a trusted choice for homeowners seeking quality and innovation in their home renovations.

Kvik kitchens

The Challenge

Kvik approached IBEX after they had been doing Social Media Marketing, SEM & SEO for more than 3 years with other agencies without achieving business KPIs.

Kvik sought to engage a digital agency to enhance brand recognition in Asia, generate more quality leads, and increase foot traffic to their stores. Their goal was to execute attractive marketing campaigns using digital channels, improve their online presence, and nurture potential customers for sustainable growth in the region.

Client Goals

Wishes to Lower Cost per Lead by 50% whilst increasing advertising spend.

Bring more awareness to Kvik kitchens in Asia.

Increase website conversions by 35%

Our Strategy

Our team initiated the strategic process by collaboratively defining short- and long-term objectives during our kick-off meeting, a standard practice we follow with all new clients. This ensured a strong alignment of our efforts with Kvik’s overall vision and goals for growth.

We developed a full-funnel advertising and content strategy that addressed potential customers at every stage of their journey, from awareness to conversion. This approach significantly reduced their Cost per Lead (CPL) by 93%, making marketing campaigns more cost-effective resulting in a higher ROI from digital marketing.

Our creative experts crafted engaging video and picture content that resonated with Kvik’s target audience. This included visually appealing creatives, sales campaigns, and video production. We created monthly videos that were customized for different stages of the customer journey. This diverse content strategy improved audience engagement and increased macro conversion events.


93% Lower Cost per Lead Within 2 Months

80% Increase in Advertising Spend YoY

81% Keywords on Page 1 Within 1 Year

185% Increase in Conversions Within 6 Months

328% Increase in Organic Impressions Within 6 Months

They lifted our revenue generated from Facebook Ads, Google Ads & SEO by over 120% within 3 months. They empowered the collaboration between digital marketing and in-store sales.

Korakoch Pornthanachai – Marketing Manager



Kvik Asia


20 September, 2023



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