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Do You Need SEO? Here’s Our Answer

Do You Need SEO? Here’s Our Answer

The answer is dependent on a variety of parameters and sub-questions.

What is your business plan for the coming years? What industry do you work in? Is there a lot of competition for the most obvious keywords? What is your intended audience? How important is your website in terms of sales generation? – We could keep going.

As a starting point, as an SEO agency, we would like to be able to answer yes to the headline question, but with modifications.

Our main argument is that different parts of an SEO strategy will benefit everyone, because search engines place a high value on good and manageable websites – and this will benefit you and your customers even if it does not get you into Google’s first page.

SEO Is Long-term

However, search engine optimisation can be tricky because the results will not be visible right away – or even the following week. As a result, SEO is not for you if you need an immediate boost to your website and do not have the time to wait for long-term results.

Overview of SEO Methods

Unfortunately, as the number of questions in the first section of the article suggests, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to search engine optimisation. As a result, we cannot give you a definitive answer as to where you should begin your SEO efforts.

However, if you know you will benefit from using search engine optimisation on your website, we have created a must-have list below that you can use.

Here are some points that necessitate the use of a developer, as they are more technical SEO, or a copywriter to create correct and optimised copy for your website.

Basic SEO

  • Google does not look at the desktop version of your website, so if you do not have a mobile-optimised site, you are not exactly the stuff in Google’s classroom.


  • Clear text: Both Google and your customers must be able to understand what your website is about. If you write about football on your blog, simply calling it “ball” on the website is insufficient. It may resonate with some of your readers, but it will not drive traffic to your blog because you will be on page 3-4 of search results.


  • Keyword Research: What are your users really looking for? It makes no difference if you optimize your website for “chocolate cake” if all of your customers look for “brownie.” When it comes to keyword research, the customer is always right, and it is your responsibility to respond to the customer’s search intent with targeted SEO.


  • Easy website: Neither your customers nor Google will see a chaotic website with overlapping information, pop-ups on speed, pages that take several seconds to load, and a menu that is difficult to navigate. Customers and Google both “punish you” by refusing to buy from you and denying you space in relevant search results.


Do you require assistance with your SEO strategy, technical website setup, or perhaps an SEO course? We can assist you. To learn more, please contact our digital marketing agency.

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