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3 Things You Need To know About SEO Right Now

3 Things You Need To know About SEO Right Now

SEO is no exception to the rule that development never stops in the digital world. However, the news feed can be overwhelming, and it is sometimes described in such a technical way that not everyone can easily decipher where it points.

As a result, we have hand-picked three trends and development trends for you to quickly and efficiently get an overview of what you should be aware of as an SEO interested.

Google Has Become Smarter About Search Intent

Along with Google’s ever-improving intelligent algorithms, the search engine will now become more aware of users’ search intentions. Google calls the algorithm BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), and it must guess what people are looking for when they conduct a search.

This can have an impact on your SEO work if the word or words for which your website is optimised do not match the search intent that users typically have when conducting a Google search.

A motorcycle dealer, for example, who only sells new motorcycles but has SEO-optimised his website after the search term “used motorcycles” to persuade potential customers to instead buy a new bicycle for the same price but with less maintenance.

With the addition of BERT, this motorcycle dealer’s page will be ignored by Google because it does not match the user’s search intent.

It should be noted, however, that this new algorithm does not penalise pages that are irrelevant to the search intent.

Page Speed Has Become Even More Important For SEO

This time, Google calls it Core Web Vitals, and it consists of three “new” ranking factors, all of which point to the fact that search engines prefer websites that are fast and stable.

Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability are the three factors, which can be summarised as how quickly the page loads, how soon the page becomes interactive, and how stable the page is while loading.

This is Google’s way of putting pressure on the move and emphasising load time as a key ranking factor. You can even check your website’s load time on PageSpeed Insights, where you should aim for a score of 100.

Local SEO – Google My Business

In continuation of the first point about search intent, Search Engine Journal reported that nearly one-third of all searches are related to a physical location, and that 76% of users searching for something local on their phones visit the location within 24 hours.

When combined with search engine optimisation, Google My Business becomes a more useful tool because it allows Google to put you in direct contact with the user.

With Google My Business, you can see your company’s opening hours, contact information, and address, as well as upload photos to show your customers what kind of products you sell.

All of this is displayed in a separate field from the search results, making your company more accessible to customers. Google takes local SEO a step further by better matching users’ search intent to find local stores or services.

If you want to learn more, you can speak with an SEO agency. Contact our Thailand digital agency for a free strategy SEO session.

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